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First Date Philosophy-Dorli-PG

Author: Mandalyn
Title: First Date Philosophy
Pairing: Dorli and Implied Vig/Bean
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: And I love, am a pathological liar.

Someone once told me that a first date doesn’t have to be awkward, although it usually is. In fact, ideally the first date is the right time and place to hang your dirty laundry out, and let the other person take a nice long gander. Ideally, the first date is a good time to talk about your own personal philosophy on life, and have the person you are with do the very same.
Then you can immediately know if it’s time to make a friend or find yourself a lover.
Tonight, Orlando is coming to pick me up and we are going to have dinner and then go for a stroll on the beach. I’ve put on a nice white button up, although I’ve left the first few buttons open at the top, and paired it with a pair of well fitting jeans. Don’t want to be too prissy. Orli has already seen me at my worst, and still decided he wanted to explore our chemistry further.
Anyway, it’s not really about how you look on the first date. Usually, you get asked out on that first date because of how you look, but once you’re out there…you’ve got to show the substance underneath.
And what I am going to show him is that I am a young man with a great sense of humor, but that I still have a deep respect for life and my own personal relationships. I am going to tell him that I’ve never really been in a good, stable relationship, but that I think it’s because I was never ready. I was always looking toward the future, and I couldn’t be concerned with the present.
I am going to tell him that I am ready now.
Because that’s the right thing to do. Explain yourself. Sure, some people think you should say little so as to leave room for mystery and encourage interest, but I know better. Bean once told me that you had to get it out, right there, right then, and break that ice, not let it heat and melt slowly.
And I think his advice is worthy. I don’t think I’ve ever seen him happier, than when he and Viggo are holding hands in the corner of some pub, talking. Listening. Learning.

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