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Drabble, Private life, Sean Bean/Viggo, PG

Title: Drabble, Private life
Pairing Sean Bean/ Viggo
Author: Nixxie
Rating: PG
Authors notes: Written for the rpschallenge Press Challenge

Okay, enough is enough already!

Bloody nosey press fuckers sticking their beaks into my private life over and fucking over again!

“Yes, I got divorced during filming rings”

“Yes it was my third wife”

“No, I obviously don’t have much luck with the ladies, do I?”

“No, of course it wasn’t doing the film that ended it”

And it wasn’t... not the filming. More like what went on after filming was done for the day.

My one saving grace. The reason I finally worked out my bad luck with the ladies was more than bad timing.

My ever calming Viggo.
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