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Title: The First Date
Author: Cykeotic
Pairing: SB/ MC (LOTRs)
Rating: 15
Disclaimer: This didn’t happen, I made it all up!
Notes: Written for the rpschallenge first date challenge.


Marton tried to pout again, wrapping his arms around Sean’s waist and pulling the blond man back against him.

“Marton, bugger off, I said no.”

Sean struggled until he was released. Picking up the bowling ball, he went to take his turn, leaving a sulking kiwi behind him. The ball struck the skittles, knocking most flying. He headed back, expecting Marton to have a go; however he was tugged onto a lap and held close to the warm body.

“Don’t you want your turn?”

“I don’t know how you expect me to concentrate on the game when you keep bending over and showing me your cute arse.”

“Only you could get horny playing ten-pin bowling.”

Marton grinned against Sean’s neck, not caring who was watching, because he had Sean Bean on his lap. He’d spent the last two months trying to get Sean out on a date. He wasn’t going to waste a second.

“Why don’t we just go to a hotel?”

Sean sighed and shoved the hand, which was exploring the inside of his thigh, away. Now, he liked Marton; he fancied him like crazy, but going back to a hotel room with him on their first date just seemed wrong. Sean wasn’t sure where these morals came from, but he really didn’t want to rush into anything. Marton, however, was as horny as a rabbit in heat.

Sean wiggled off Marton’s lap and gave up on the bowling. Marton wasn’t interested in it anyway. Sean was in a bit of a mood and he picked up his jacket and marched off towards the bar, closely followed by his lovesick companion. He sat up on a barstool, and wasn’t surprised when Marton joined him.

“You pissed off with me?”

“What gave you that idea?”

A hand appeared on Sean’s leg, squeezing softly.

“Well the fact that you stormed off gave me a clue.”

“What an intelligent man you are.”

Marton looked concerned, worried that he had messed up again. It was becoming a bit of a habit for him. He took his hand away and settled his arms on the bar, trying to resist temptation.

His good behaviour only lasted until the taxi ride. Having Sean that close was too much and soon he was groping him again. Sean tried to fight him off half-heartedly, but soon found it was easier to just let Marton have a fondle. Lips were sucking on his neck, hand kneading between his legs. A couple of whimpers escaped Sean’s mouth before he could stop them. The last thing he wanted to do was encourage the man. The hotel couldn’t come soon enough, and as the taxi pulled to a halt, Sean almost jumped out.

Once in the room, Marton hadn’t calmed down. He shoved Sean up against the door, knocking the breath out of Sean’s rib cage. Before he could form any sort of protest, lips were pressed up against his, taking, trying to conquer the other man’s body. Sean’s legs were shaking as he struggled to hold himself up against the wooden door. The sound of ripping cloth was heard as Sean’s shirt was pulled open. Marton bent down to bite down on a pink nipple, tasting the hot flesh. Sean gasped, his head resting back on the door, looking up at the ceiling and praying for someone to rescue him.

“Marton, wait, wait.”

Marton obeyed and stood up straight, looking concerned, “Everything alright?”

“I just need to use the bathroom. Wait on the bed for me yeah?”

This sign of acceptance made Marton grin, and he eagerly obeyed.

Sean locked the bathroom door as soon as he stepped in. His forehead rested against the cool tiled wall, and he wondered how the hell he was going to get out of this one. He couldn’t fail to notice the tightness of his trousers. Maybe he’d enjoy it if he just relaxed a little. The decision was made and he splashed his face with cold water, trying to calm himself down. He struggled to control his shaking hands enough to undress. Examining himself naked, he was content enough with what he saw and left the bathroom feeling calmer than he had couple of minutes ago.

As he approached the bed, he realized something was wrong. Marton wasn’t watching him, he wasn’t doing much at all, other than snoring. Sean sighed and shook his head as he chuckled. Typical. Crawling into the bed, he turned the lamp off and snuggled up against the warm body. Marton would still be horny in the morning, he was Marton after all.
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