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Nixxie, Icon Queen!

Drabble: Mid-movie fuck, interrupted. 18, Karl/Viggo and Craig/Elijah

Title: Drabble, Mid-movie fuck, interrupted.
Author: Nixxie
Rating: 18
Pairings: Karl/Viggo and Craig/Elijah
Disclaimer: Lies, all lies… very nice lies mind you! …but still lies!
Notes: Written for the rpschallenge Movie premier challenge.

Silence ruled supreme as both men froze mid fuck, the washroom door opened and Craig staggered in, a giggling Elijah over one shoulder, unceremoniously dropped and pushed into the cubicle beside the two startled men.

“Bend over and get your arse ready for me, Lijah. You’re definitely going to regret that last comment about my acting.”

Zips undone and trousers dropped, length slid in as fingers gripped porcelain. But neither men heard Karl’s muffled moan against the sweaty skin of his lovers shoulder, or Viggo stuffing knuckles into his mouth to stop himself cursing out loud…

They started listening instead.

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