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Drabble, To startle a king, Harry Sinclair/Sean Bean, 15

Title: Drabble, To startle a king
Author: Nixxie
Rating: 15
Pairing Harry Sinclair/Sean Bean
Disclaimers: Not mine, fiction… all fiction.
Authors notes: Dedicated to ladsofthering
Written for the rpschallenge First night challenge

Harry hurried up the stairs, weaving past celebrities and actors alike, one purpose on his mind. He’d dashed from his seat as soon as the curtain had dropped and sped towards the leading man’s dressing room.

“Shauny, love, you were fantastic!” Harry cried out as he tumbled through his fiancé’s door. Anything else he was going to say was forgotten as Macbeth stood there in leather trousers and fishnet top.

“And Christ you looked fucking sexy out there!”

Before Sean could reply Harry clenched fingers into fishnet and pressed his lips fiercely against his lovers startled ones.

The curtain lowers.
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