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International Slash Day


International Day of Slash - July 1st, 2003

It has recently come to my attention that though the slash genre is already decades old there is no fandom-recognized holiday. It would be beneficial to the community to have a day in recognition of our peculiar fandom, and thus was born…

July 1st, International Day of Slash

It's a very personal holiday – a chance to write, illustrate, and send greetings to one other within the community.

It will help unite us.

Spread the news about the Day of Slash in your Live Journal, on your personal sites, or anywhere else other slashers might find it. Certainly, the Day of Slash is for all fandoms - so let's inform EVERYONE!

Thought everyone might like to know this.. :)

So yeah, go post this in your journal/communities, tell everyone and write good porn fanfics! :D

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