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hot [18 Nov 2010|02:55am]

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Songfic drabble: Walk On The Wild Side Lou Reed/Candy Darling [19 Jul 2003|04:38am]

[ mood | awake ]

Title: Walk On The Wild Side
Author: Cassandra Williams
Email: bennmatt@yahoo.com
Pairing: Lou Reed/Candy Darling
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: This is completely fiction, it never happened.

Read more...Collapse )

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[29 Jun 2003|07:44am]

The fic and drabble challenges are both now closed. Thanks once again to everyone who wrote something.

New fic challenge will be up tonight.
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[29 Jun 2003|03:06am]

Title: The First Date
Author: Cykeotic
Pairing: SB/ MC (LOTRs)
Rating: 15
Disclaimer: This didn’t happen, I made it all up!
Notes: Written for the rpschallenge first date challenge.

First Date, SB/MCCollapse )
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Drabble, A private movie, PG, Sean Bean/Viggo [27 Jun 2003|11:16pm]

[ mood | contemplative ]

Title: Drabble, A private movie.
Author: Nixxie
Rating: PG
Pairing: Sean Bean/Viggo
Disclaimer: Lies, all lies… very nice lies mind you! …but still lies!
Notes: Written for the rpschallenge Movie premier challenge.

The movie droned on, a quirky score with intangible actors and arthouse editing was fast sending Sean to sleep.

He mumbled a little as he turned to Viggo whose face was rapt with eager attention to the screen.

The film was suddenly unimportant, the phsycadelic coloured swirls on the screen faded away as Sean found something much better to watch.

Tones and shades flicked across Viggo’s concentrating face, a light grin curving lips. Sean smiled to himself as he checked his watch, 45 minutes left.

The scene changed, Viggo smiled, and Sean settled down to watch his own private movie.

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Drabble: Mid-movie fuck, interrupted. 18, Karl/Viggo and Craig/Elijah [27 Jun 2003|10:33pm]

Title: Drabble, Mid-movie fuck, interrupted.
Author: Nixxie
Rating: 18
Pairings: Karl/Viggo and Craig/Elijah
Disclaimer: Lies, all lies… very nice lies mind you! …but still lies!
Notes: Written for the rpschallenge Movie premier challenge.

Rated 18 so read under hereCollapse )
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Drabble, To startle a king, Harry Sinclair/Sean Bean, 15 [27 Jun 2003|09:33pm]

[ mood | determined ]

Title: Drabble, To startle a king
Author: Nixxie
Rating: 15
Pairing Harry Sinclair/Sean Bean
Disclaimers: Not mine, fiction… all fiction.
Authors notes: Dedicated to ladsofthering
Written for the rpschallenge First night challenge

Harry hurried up the stairs, weaving past celebrities and actors alike, one purpose on his mind. He’d dashed from his seat as soon as the curtain had dropped and sped towards the leading man’s dressing room.

“Shauny, love, you were fantastic!” Harry cried out as he tumbled through his fiancé’s door. Anything else he was going to say was forgotten as Macbeth stood there in leather trousers and fishnet top.

“And Christ you looked fucking sexy out there!”

Before Sean could reply Harry clenched fingers into fishnet and pressed his lips fiercely against his lovers startled ones.

The curtain lowers.

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[27 Jun 2003|01:22am]

[ mood | accomplished ]

Title: Not A Date (1/1)
Author: simple_iniquity
Archive: Random Insanity - anywhere else, ask.
Pairing: Domando
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: Lies! All lies, I say!
Warning: Hardcore...fluff. Jesus. LMAO.
Summary: Dom and Orli aren't going on a date - it's a "try-out". Yeah right.
Notes: For the rpschallenge first date challenge. Italics are flashbacks.

StoryCollapse )

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First Date Philosophy-Dorli-PG [26 Jun 2003|03:46pm]

[ mood | Sweating... ]

Author: Mandalyn
Title: First Date Philosophy
Pairing: Dorli and Implied Vig/Bean
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: And I love, am a pathological liar.

In fact, ideally the first date is the right time and place to hang your dirty laundry out, and let the other person take a nice long ganderCollapse )

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Drabble: Curtain Call [26 Jun 2003|09:50am]

Title: Curtain Call (popslash fandom)
Author: archane
Pairing: Joey/Chris
Rating: G
Disclaimers: Not true. Completely made up and just for fun. All people featured belong solely to themselves.

Curtain Call
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fic: butterflies & beaches [26 Jun 2003|01:21am]

Title: Butterflies & Beaches
Author: RedLotus
Pairing: Dom/Billy
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Dom and Billy go on their first date.
Written for rpschallenge's "first date" challenge.

Butterflies & BeachesCollapse )
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Surrender [25 Jun 2003|07:19pm]
Title: Surrender
Author: yueni
Fandom: LotR
Pairing: MC/MO
Rating: R
Disclaimer: 100% imagination. If this is real, then pigs can fly.
Notes: Thanks to janeausten for the beta. Written for the rpschallenge first date challenge. Crossposted in rpschallenge, lotr_het and yuenidezi.

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Premiere kisses; PG13; VM/OB; Lotrips [25 Jun 2003|04:52pm]

"No -- no -- no -- no --"

Orlando kissed him anyway, a hearty buss on the cheek. How could he resist? It was delightful to see Viggo's lashes flutter.

A camera flash flared.

"Shit," said Viggo resignedly.


In the theater, Viggo smiled and draped his jacket over Orlando's lap.

"What are you doing?" Orlando’s voice was uncertain. Viggo's smile turned wicked.

Orlando felt fingers on his zipper.

Gandalf fell into the depths of Moria while Orlando's heartrate rose.


Orlando arched into his chair. He could only hope that Howard's score would drown out the noise.
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[26 Jun 2003|12:14am]

Carrying on with the ‘Events’ theme we have going on at the moment…

This weeks drabble challenge is Movie premiere or First night of a play. Each drabble must be 100 words exactly in length. You may write and post as many drabbles as you like.

The only other rules are on the info page, you can pair up whoever you like, mix and match any real people to your hearts content. Don’t forget to spell-check, though drabbles don’t really need beta’ing! Also please LJ cut anything 18, R18 or NC-17 rated.

Remember the challenges end on Midnight on Saturday 21st GMT and all submissions should be posted by then.
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Latest fic Challenge [23 Jun 2003|01:03am]

Following our ‘Events’ theme, this weeks Fic Challenge is First date

You can have this as sweet and smoochy as you like, or even turn the tables and make it an angsty one night stand *LOL* … as usual, let your imagination -and your fingers- run free!

There are no other rules other than what you can read on our info page, you can pair up whoever you like, mix and match any real people to your hearts content.

Remember the fic challenge will end on midnight Saturday 29th GMT and all submissions should be in by then.
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[22 Jun 2003|09:58am]

The weekly challenges are now closed.

The next fic challenge will be issued tonight and has major fluff and sweetness capabilities *winks*
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Drabble, smile through it all, Viggo/Orli, PG [21 Jun 2003|03:50pm]

[ mood | contemplative ]

Title: Drabble, Smile through it all
Pairing: Viggo/Orli
Author: Nixxie
Rating: PG
Authors notes: Written for the rpschallenge Press Conference challenge

Here I sit, my eyes sore from the bulb flashes, my ass numb from sitting in this room for so long, interviewer after interviewer asking the same boring questions over and over and…

...and the reason why I’m still smiling? The reason why it’s a true smile and not one plastered on for the press and the camera...?

The reason is you. And you’ll never know.

I never could tell you, not during filming, certainly not now. Your life has moved on… onwards and upwards to greener pastures. All I would do is hold you back…

..I’ll just keep smiling.

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Drabble, Private life, Sean Bean/Viggo, PG [21 Jun 2003|03:02pm]

[ mood | apathetic ]

Title: Drabble, Private life
Pairing Sean Bean/ Viggo
Author: Nixxie
Rating: PG
Authors notes: Written for the rpschallenge Press Challenge

Okay, enough is enough already!

Bloody nosey press fuckers sticking their beaks into my private life over and fucking over again!

“Yes, I got divorced during filming rings”

“Yes it was my third wife”

“No, I obviously don’t have much luck with the ladies, do I?”

“No, of course it wasn’t doing the film that ended it”

And it wasn’t... not the filming. More like what went on after filming was done for the day.

My one saving grace. The reason I finally worked out my bad luck with the ladies was more than bad timing.

My ever calming Viggo.

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International Slash Day [20 Jun 2003|11:20pm]

[ mood | bouncy ]

From MatthewTime.com

International Day of Slash - July 1st, 2003

It has recently come to my attention that though the slash genre is already decades old there is no fandom-recognized holiday. It would be beneficial to the community to have a day in recognition of our peculiar fandom, and thus was born…

July 1st, International Day of Slash

It's a very personal holiday – a chance to write, illustrate, and send greetings to one other within the community.

It will help unite us.

Spread the news about the Day of Slash in your Live Journal, on your personal sites, or anywhere else other slashers might find it. Certainly, the Day of Slash is for all fandoms - so let's inform EVERYONE!

Thought everyone might like to know this.. :)

So yeah, go post this in your journal/communities, tell everyone and write good porn fanfics! :D


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Fic: Birthday Wishes, Elijah/Craig, R18 (BDSM warning) [20 Jun 2003|01:20am]

[ mood | devious ]

Author: Nixxie
Title: Birthday wishes
Pairing: Elijah/Craig
Rating: R18
Warnings: BDSM in big handfuls, in mental images and in what happens here. If anything more than a quick slap and tickle squicks you then move along please :)
Summary: Elijah’s birthday has an unusual cake… but who’ll be blowing out the candles?
Authors notes: Written for the rpschallenge Birthday challenge

Read the warning, then click here to readCollapse )

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